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Russian Doll (disambiguation)

Russian Doll (disambiguation)

A Russian doll (or Matryoshka) is a type of nested, wooden toy.

Russian Doll or Russian Dolls may also refer to:

Television series

  • Russian Doll (TV series), a 2019 American drama series on Netflix
  • Russian Dolls (2011 TV series), a 2011 American reality series on Lifetime
  • Russian Dolls: Sex Trade (Dutch: Matroesjka's), a 2005 Flemish drama series

Other uses

  • Russian Doll (film), a 2001 Australian comedy film
  • Russian Dolls (film) (French: Les Poupées russes), a 2006 French-British comedy-drama film
  • "Russian Dolls", a song from Nicolas Jaar's EP Russian Dolls

See also

  • Matryoshka (disambiguation)

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