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Into Invisible Light

Into Invisible Light

Into Invisible Light is a 2018 Canadian romantic drama film directed and co-written by Shelagh Carter and starring co-writer Jennifer Dale. Carter's third feature is an independent film loosely based on characters from Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, Dale's character being based on Yelena, and Keleghan's on Dr. Astrov. The film features an original score by Shawn Pierce.



Release and reception

Into Invisible Light premiered at the Whistler Film Festival on 1 and 2 December 2018, and the rest of Canada on 1 February 2019 at Scotiabank theatres in Winnipeg and Toronto.


  • 52nd WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, 2019 • Platinum Remi (Shelagh Carter) • Gold Remi Best Actress (Jennifer Dale)
  • Italian Contemporary Film Festival (Toronto), 2019 • Special Achievement - Best Actress (Jennifer Dale)
  • West Europe International Film Festival (Brussels), 2019 • Best Film • Best Lead Actor (Peter Kelleghan) • Best Supporting Actress (Kari Matchett)
  • Whistler Film Festival, 2018: official selection for the Borsos Competition for Best Canadian Feature
  • Madrid International Film Festival, 2019 • Best Film • Best Director • Best Lead Actress (Jennifer Dale) • Best Supporting Actress (Kari Matchett)
  • West Europe International Film Festival 2019 • Fusion Award, Best Cinematography (Ousama Rawi) • 5 other Jury Award nominations



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