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List of tz database time zones

List of tz database time zones

This is a list of time zones from release 2023c of the tz database.



  • Canonical - The primary, preferred zone name.
  • Link - An alternative name (alias) which links to a canonical zone.
  • Link
    - A standard Link (as above). The dagger symbol (†) signifies that the zone was canonical in a previous version of the database. Historical data for such zones is still preserved in the source code, but it is not included when compiling the database with standard options.

UTC offset

Standard Time (STD) and Daylight Saving Time (DST) offsets from UTC in hours and minutes.
For zones in which Daylight Saving is not observed, the DST offset shown in this table is a simple duplication of the STD offset.
The UTC offsets are based on the current or upcoming database rules. This table does not attempt to document any of the historical data which resides in the database.

Time Zone abbreviations

Time zone abbreviations for both Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time are shown exactly as they appear in the database. See strftime and its "%Z" field.
Some of zone records use 3 or 4 letter abbreviations that are tied to physical time zones, others use numeric UTC offsets.



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Further reading

  • For a complete and accurate history of each time zone, refer to the data and commentary in the TZ database itself.

Text submitted to CC-BY-SA license. Source: List of tz database time zones by Wikipedia (Historical)