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Barin may refer to:

  • Barin, Georgia, a place in Muscogee County, Georgia, United States
  • Barin, Iran (disambiguation)
  • Baren, Payzawat County or Barin, a town in Payzawat County, Kashgar Prefecture
  • Barin Township, a township of Akto County, Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, China
  • Barin Township, Kargilik County, a in Xinjiang
  • Barin Township, Shule County, a in Xinjiang
  • Deh Barin, a village in Fars Province, Iran
  • Prince Barin, a character in the Flash Gordon stories

See also

  • Baarin, a village in northern Syria
  • Baarins, a Southern Mongol subgroup
  • Baren (disambiguation)

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