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Catherine wheel

Catherine wheel

Catherine wheel may refer to:

  • wheel or breaking wheel, an instrument of torturous execution originally associated with Saint Catherine of Alexandria
  • Catherine wheel (firework), a firework that rotates when lit

Arts and entertainment

  • Catherine Wheel (band), 1990s British alternative rock band
  • The Catherine Wheel, (dance) a 1981 dance by Twyla Tharp, with music by David Byrne
    • The Catherine Wheel (album), a 1981 recording of David Byrne's musical score commissioned by Twyla Tharp for the dance
    • The Catherine Wheel, a 1983 BBC film of the Twyla Tharp dance
  • "Catherine Wheels", a song by Crowded House from the 1993 album Together Alone
  • "Catherine Wheel", a song by Megan Washington from the 2020 album Batflowers
  • "Katherine Wheel", a song by HIM from the 2010 album Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice
  • The Catherine Wheel, a 1949 crime novel by Patricia Wentworth
  • The Catherine Wheel, a 1952 novel by Jean Stafford

Other uses

  • Catherine wheel, an older term for the cartwheel in gymnastics
  • Catherine wheel (window), a type of spoked circular window
  • Catherine-wheel pincushion (Leucospermum catherinae), a flowering evergreen

See also

  • Pinwheel (disambiguation)

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