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Mark Lee

Mark Lee

Mark Lee may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

Film and television

  • Mark Lee (Australian actor) (born 1958), Australian actor and director
  • Mark Lee (Singaporean actor) (born 1968), Singaporean actor, comedian and director
  • Mark Lee (Taiwanese actor) or Lee Tien-chu (born 1956), Taiwanese actor
  • Mark Lee Ping-bing (born 1954), Taiwanese cinematographer

Other arts and entertainment

  • Mark Lee (singer) (born 1999), Canadian rapper and singer
  • Mark David Lee (born 1973), American musician and guitarist
  • Mark W. Lee, American novelist, playwright and journalist
  • Mark Lee (Village People) (19??–2021), American singer and pianist, ex-member of Village People (1982–1985)


  • Mark Lee (American football) (born 1958), former NFL player
  • Mark Lee (Australian rules footballer) (born 1959), Australian rules footballer
  • Mark Lee (left-handed pitcher) (born 1964), American baseball pitcher (1988–1995)
  • Mark Lee (right-handed pitcher) (born 1953), American baseball pitcher (1978–1981)
  • Mark Lee (footballer, born 1979), English footballer player
  • Mark Lee (ice hockey) (born 1984), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Mark Lee (rugby league) (born 1968), rugby league footballer
  • Mark Lee (sportscaster), Canadian sportscaster
  • Mark Lee (runner), Singaporean runner
  • Mark Lee (American football coach)

Other people

  • Mark Lee (architect), Chinese-American architect
  • Mark C. Lee (born 1952), American astronaut
  • Mark Owen Lee or M. Owen Lee (1930–2019), American classics and music scholar and Roman Catholic priest

See also

  • Marc Lee (born 1969), Swiss new media artist
  • Marc Alan Lee (1978–2006), United States Navy SEAL
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