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Tambour (disambiguation)

Tambour (disambiguation)

Tambour (French language: drum, from Arabic tunbur "lute, drum", Persian tabir "drum") can refer to:

In music

  • Tambour, a long drum used in Puerto Rican music
  • Tambour, a snare drum used in Galician music
  • Tambour (guitar technique) (or tambora), in Flamenco and classical guitar

Other uses

  • Tambour, in classical architecture, the inverted bell of a Corinthian capital
  • Tambour desk, a desk with desktop drawers and pigeonholes, resembling a bureau à gradin
  • Tambour lace, a sewing technique made by stretching a fine net over a frame
  • Tambour (company), an Israeli manufacturer of paint, coatings, and construction materials
  • Tambour, a buttress-like feature on the hazard side of a real tennis court

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