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Living Doll

Living Doll

Living Doll(s) may refer to:

Film and television

  • The Living Doll (1908 film) (French: La Poupée vivante), short silent film by Georges Méliès
  • "Living Doll" (The Twilight Zone), 1963 episode of American TV series The Twilight Zone
  • Living Doll, 1970 Filipino film starring Tony Ferrer
  • Living Dolls (TV series), 1989 American sitcom
  • Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen, 2001 American TV documentary
  • "Living Doll" (CSI), 2007 episode of American TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


  • "Living Doll" (song), by Lionel Bart, performed by Cliff Richard

See also

  • Haunted doll, a doll or stuffed animal purported to be cursed or possessed in some way
  • My Living Doll, American TV sitcom in 1964–65
  • Living Dead Dolls, 1998 line of American horror dolls

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