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Barbie: It Takes Two

Barbie: It Takes Two

Barbie: It Takes Two is a 2022 CGI-animated adventure comedy children's television series serving as the television adaptation of and based on the 2021 television film, Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams.

Unveiled by Mattel Television on 1 February 2022 on its website and later picked up by news sources, this is the second full-length TV series in the Barbie media franchise after Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures.


On 1 February 2022, Mattel Television unveiled an initial 13-episode CGI-animated television adaptation of the film titled Barbie: It Takes Two. Executives of Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams as well as Mainframe Studios reprise their roles in the series with the inclusion of Marsha Griffin (who previously wrote scripts for 3 Barbie films between 2015 and 2016 in Barbie in Princess Power, Barbie in Rock 'N Royals and Barbie: Spy Squad) as a creative producer.


Following on from the end of their screen debut in Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams, the Barbie from Malibu and Barbie from Brooklyn have fun, share the spotlight and pursue their musical dreams in New York City while also learning about each other's polar opposite families, friends and cultures.



  • America Young as Barbie "Malibu" Roberts
  • Tatiana Varria as Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts
  • Nicolas Roye as Rafael/Rafa


  • Gabriel "Gabe" Kunda as Kelvin "Kel" Roberts, father of Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts
  • Mela Lee as Simone Roberts, mother of Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts
  • Xavier Patterson as Jackson Roberts, godson of Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts
  • Taylor Lauren as Jayla Roberts, goddaughter of Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts
  • Nicolas Roye as Male Teacher at the Handler Arts Academy

Guest vocals

  • Ritesh Rajan as Ken Carson
  • Kirsten Day as Skipper Roberts
  • Cassandra Morris as Stacie Roberts
  • Cassidy Naber (episodes 1-13) & Anna McGill (episodes 14-26) as Chelsea Roberts
  • Greg Chun as George Roberts, father of Barbie "Malibu" Roberts
  • Lisa Fuson as Margaret Roberts, mother of Barbie "Malibu" Roberts, and Poppy Reardon, an antagonistic neighbor.
  • Cristina Milizia as Teresa
  • Desirae Whitfield as Nicole "Nikki" Watkins
  • Stephanie Sheh as Renee
  • Emma Galvin as Daisy
  • Jason Marsden as Magnifico
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Stefan and Wilhelm
  • Christopher Niosi as Dash
  • Dorian Plague as Epiphany
  • Elise Gabriel as Lyla, Meditation Guide
  • Aleks Le as James
  • Melanie Minichino as Vanessa and Phoebe
  • Petey Gibson as Tyler
  • Ricky Bricks as Larry Herron
  • Max Mitchell as Big Base
  • Xavier Patterson as Jackson
  • Jason Williams as Emmitt
  • Robbie Daymond as Paul
  • Cassidy Huff as Emma
  • Billy Kametz as Trevelian Finknoddle "Trey" Reardon, Poppy and Whittaker's only son
  • Giselle Fernandez as Emmie
  • Conor Hall as Bertram
  • Nicolas Roye as Mateo
  • Sarah H. Fairbrook as Pandora


The series debuted on television in Australia via 9GO! on March 4 and on Pop in the UK and Ireland on April 2 before launching on April 8 on Netflix in the United States. On April 10, it aired on YTV in Canada and on Canal Panda in Portugal the exact week later. Mattel later revealed through TheWrap the second half of 13 episodes would be released on 1 October on Netflix.


Season One (2022)

The table below shows only the titles and episode summaries from the American Netflix release

Season Two (2022)

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