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Street Man Fighter

Street Man Fighter

Street Man Fighter (Korean: 스트릿 맨 파이터), often abbreviated SMF, is the second season of the South Korean dance competition franchise Street Woman Fighter. It aired on Mnet from August 23 to November 8, 2022, every Tuesday at 22:20 (KST) time slot for 10 episodes. It revolved around eight male dance crews fighting for the position of Korea's best male dance crew to represent street dance in the country (loosely marketed under the term "K-dance").

On November 8, 2022, on their last episode, JustJerk came in first place with 92,321 votes. The runner-up was We Dem Boyz, with 44,274 votes, followed by Mbitious (32,302 votes) and Bank Two Brother (25,034 votes). The winning crew (Just Jerk) received ₩50 million, electric sedans from BMW, a sponsorship deal with KB Kookmin Bank, and the Street Man Fighter Trophy.


The program is presented by Kang Daniel.

The dance judges of this season are:

  • BoA
  • Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
  • Wooyoung (2PM)

Special Guests

"Class" mission (episode 2)

  • Zico
  • Gray
  • Giriboy
  • GroovyRoom
  • Czaer

"Mega Crew" mission (episode 6–7)

  • Sehun (Exo)
  • Harry June (DKB)
  • Kinjaz (video appearance)
  • Mike Song (Kinjaz) (special judge)

"Rain Choreography" mission (episode 7)

  • Rain
  • Kim Kyu-sang

Finale (episode 10)

  • Lee Sun-bin
  • Mike Song (Kinjaz) (special judge)
  • Kwon Eun-bi
  • Choi Ye-na
  • Yuju
  • Yoo Taeyang (SF9)
  • Los Bravú (Dea Gómez & Diego Omil)
  • Mathías Sánchez
  • Fatíma De Juan
  • Katherine Bernhardt

Street Man Fighter: Gala Talkshow (special episodes)

  • Haha
  • Jang Do-yeon
  • Kang Seung-yoon (Winner)


Color key:

  •   Leader
  •   Sub-Leader


Mission 1: "Battle of the Underdog"

Each dancer beforehand pointed out a dancer from an opposing team that they can beat in a one-on-one dance battle. The chosen dancer is given a "No Respect" Sticker for each time they are chosen.

Round two consists of two-on-two battles. Round three consists of five-on-five crew battles. The rules for these rounds are the same as the one-on-one dance battles except if a rematch is called, it will only be a one-on-one battles with one member from each duo or crew.

Mission 2: "Class"

Each crew leader chooses seven members including themselves to be split into five ranks. Each rank will work together to create a dance video. Each rank will only have one main dancer which will be chosen by the judges. The rest will be back-up dancers in the video. Each dancer in a rank will create a short choreography which will be voted on by the members of their rank. The chosen choreography will be the one used to determine the main dancer.

The two worst dancers chosen by the main dancer will have a dance battle. At the end of the battle, all the dancers of the crews except for those of the battlers will vote for the worst dancer using a "Worst" token. The dancer with more "Worst" tokens is the worst dancer.

Color key:

Color key:

  •   Winner

Vata from WeDemBoyz was chosen as best director by the Fight Judges and paired up the crews for the next mission.

Mission 3: "Global K-Dance"

Two crews compete using the same song from boy groups that "impressed the world with their performances", BTS, BigBang, Exo, and Seventeen. Each crew must also complete the Choreography Copy Challenge. This round also included a bonus backup penalty part where the winner from the Choreography Copy Challenge could make the opposing crew into their backup dancers.

The crew with the higher score for each battle wins and avoids elimination while the losing crew is nominated for elimination. Final scores are calculated as the sum of the Fight Judges' Score + Global Popular Vote Score + Main Dancer Score + Worst Dancer Score from the previous mission.

Color key:

  •   Winner

As the losing crews – YGX, WeDemBoyz, Prime Kingz, and BankTwoBrothers were chosen as candidates for elimination. BankTwoBrothers was automatically placed in the elimination battle as a result of receiving the lowest score, and YGX was excluded from selection as a result of receiving the highest score out of the 4 losing crews. Later Prime Kingz was announced as the crew to battle BankTwoBrothers in the first elimination round. WeDemBoyz was saved from elimination.

Mission 4: "Mega Crew"

Crews will compete in a Mega Crew mission where each crew will create their own choreography and perform it with a minimum of 30 performers including themselves. Crews must personally recruit their mega crew performers. Each crew must choose a costume to determine their concept to perform (no duplication) and will have 3 directors.

Final scores are calculated as the sum of the Fight Judges' Score + Global Popular Vote Score.

Mission 5: "Rain's New Dance Song Choreography"

Each crew will create new choreography for Rain's new single "Domestic". The crew whose choreography is chosen by Rain have the benefit to direct the music video and the crew whose choreography video receives the most likes will receive 100 extra points each.

Mission 6: "Muse of Street Man Fighter"

Each crew will be joined by female dancers and must create and perform original choreography.

Final scores are calculated as the sum of the Fight Judges' Score + Global Popular Vote Score + Experts' Jury Score + Rain's New Dance Song Choreography Score.

As the lowest scoring crew, Eo-Ddae was automatically eliminated. BankTwoBrothers and 1Million will have an elimination battle for the last spot in the finals as the 4th and 5th place crews.

Mission 7: "Cheers"

Each crew will create a performance that highlights their happy moments.

Mission 8: "Last Dance"

Each crew will create a performance that shows the color and identity representing them.

  Indicates winner of Street Man Fighter
  Indicates the 2nd place crew
  Indicates the 3rd and 4th place crews

Final ranking

Original soundtrack

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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