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Queer (film)

Queer (film)

Queer is an upcoming historical romance drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino from a screenplay by Justin Kuritzkes, based on the 1985 novel of the same name by William S. Burroughs. Set in 1940s Mexico City, the film follows an outcast American expat (Daniel Craig) who becomes infatuated with a younger man (Drew Starkey).

Set in 1940s Mexico City, it follows Lee who, after fleeing from a drug bust in New Orleans, wanders around the city's clubs and becomes infatuated with drug user Allerton, a discharged American Navy serviceman.

  • Daniel Craig as Lee
  • Drew Starkey as Allerton
  • Lesley Manville
  • Jason Schwartzman
  • Henry Zaga as Winston Moor
  • Drew Droege
  • Ariel Schulman
  • Lisandro Alonso
  • David Lowery
  • Ronia Ava
  • Simon Rizzoni
  • Ford Leland
  • Sean Cubito
  • Diego Benzoni
  • Radu Murarasu
  • Perla Ambrosini
  • Francesco Lupo Sturani

Guadagnino wanted to make an adaptation of William S. Burroughs' 1985 novel Queer since he read the book when he was 17. In April 2022 he mentioned the book to screenwriter Justin Kuritzkes while they were on set for their film Challengers (2024) in Boston. Guadagnino bought Kuritzkes a copy, which he read and loved. Producer Lorenzo Mieli found the rights to the book, which they secured after a call with James Grauerholz, the literary executor of Burroughs' estate. Kuritzkes began writing the script while they were still working on Challengers. Guadagnino described Queer as his most personal film and a tribute to the films of Powell and Pressburger, concretely The Red Shoes (1948), "I think they would appreciate the sex scenes in Queer, which are numerous and quite scandalous".

It was announced in December 2022 that Daniel Craig was in talks to star in the film. In April 2023, Lesley Manville, Jason Schwartzman, and Henry Zaga were revealed to be in the cast. Starkey was cast after an audition tape he had made for another project landed in front of Guadagnino, Guadagnino consulted Craig on his decision to cast Starkey, after watching the tape, Craig told Guadagnino: "That’s the guy". In June 2024 it was reported directors, Ariel Schulman, Lisandro Alonso and David Lowery would be appearing on the film.

Principal photography began in Rome, Italy on April 29, 2023. The project was filmed at Cinecittà Studios. Additional scenes were shot in Quito, Ecuador, standing for Mexico City. Production wrapped on June 29, 2023. Jonathan Anderson, creative director of Loewe, served as costume designer, marking his second collaboration with Guadagnino following Challengers.

In June 2024, Guadagnino said post-production for the film was almost complete, with only the mix missing.

Variety reported that the film was expected to hit the festival circuit in late 2024. Queer will premiere at the 81st Venice International Film Festival.

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