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DreamDoll (musician)

DreamDoll (musician)

Tabatha Robinson (born February 28, 1992), known professionally as DreamDoll, is an American rapper, actress, singer, and songwriter. She appeared as an actor during Season 8 of Love & Hip Hop: New York and Bad Girls Club in 2016 as herself, and is known for using elements of Drill in her music and was later featured on the MTV series Wild 'n Out. She is signed to Warner Records and District 18 Entertainment.

Early life

Tabatha was born in The Bronx, New York and grew up in Edenwald Projects. Tabatha attended Bronx Academy High School. Later on, she joined Westchester College and Herkimer Community College. She is the oldest of 5 siblings with 2 sisters & 2 brothers.

In 2015, she began working as a bartender at a New York strip club, Starlets. DreamDoll quickly became a favoured bartender which helped her gain a following on social media. In September 2016, DreamDoll became a cast member on season 16 of the Reality TV Show, Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption and the following year she was signed to DJ Self's record label, Gwinnin Entertainment.



On May 16, 2017 she released her debut single titled Everything Nice. On September 5, 2017 DreamDoll released the official music video for Everything Nice the video has since gained over 8 million views. On September 20, 2017 DreamDoll released her first mixtape titled Life In Plastic. The mixtape featured 7 tracks along with 6 additional tracks that were released exclusively on SoundCloud. In October, 2017 DreamDoll joined the season 8 cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York. Before the end of the year she released 3 more videos for songs off her Life In Plastic Mixtape; Team Dream, We All Love Dream & Ice Cream.

On June 22, 2018 DreamDoll released a new single titled 'Pull Up (WYA)'. The accompanying music video was released in August 2018. The same month appeared on Wild 'n Out on MTV.

On September 7, 2018 DreamDoll released her second mixtape titled Life In Plastic:2. The 10 song mixtape featured Lil' Kim, LouGotCash, Cupcakke & David Lee. On September 10, 2018 DreamDoll had her first headlining concert celebrating the release of her mixtape, the same day she released the music video for the second single from the mixtape 'Bundles'.

In January 2019, DreamDoll's name got brought up during a rap feud between Tory Lanez & Don Q. After hearing this DreamDoll went on to release a diss track aimed at Tory Lanez titled 'On Ya Head'. The song was an instant hit and quickly garnered a lot of attention as DreamDoll had introduced her new flow some refer to as her 'nightmare flow'. The same day the track was released, her second mixtape Life In Plastic:2 reentered the iTunes Hip Hop & Rap charts and peaked at #2. In March she featured on Vado's song 'Talk To Me', a music video was also released. On May 22, 2019 she released the third and final music video from Life In Plastic: 2 for 'When It's Over'(A music video was shot for 'Real One' however the footage was lost). In August, 2019 DreamDoll appeared on two episodes of VH1's Hip Hop Squares.

RCA Records (2019-2021)

In September 2019, DreamDoll signed a joint record deal with RCA Records & Brooklyn Johnny's District 18 Entertainment. She was featured on Hitmaka's 'Thot Box Remix' alongside Young MA, Dreezy, Latto & Chinese Kitty. It was released with an accompanying music video. The song was an instant hit and DreamDoll's verse garnered the attention of many listeners. Later on, in November 2019 she released her 'Behind Bars' Freestyle. It is a remix of Drake's Behind Barz Freestyle.

On February 13, 2020 DreamDoll released her first single under RCA Records/District 18 Entertainment titled 'Who You Loving', featuring G-Eazy & Rahky. It was released with an accompanying music video. On April 13, 2020 she featured on Bandhunta Izzy's single 'Vibes'. The following month she was featured on DJ Drewski's song 'Water' alongside Rubi Rose & Molly Brazy. Both songs were released with accompanying music videos.

On July 10, 2020 DreamDoll released a single, "Ah Ah Ah" featuring Fivio Foreign. The song was released with accompanying merch & a lyric video. 'Ah Ah Ah' reached the 23 position for two weeks on Billboard for digital sales. On August 26, 2020 DreamDoll released the official music video for 'Ah Ah Ah'. She also was featured on the song "Thug Love" by Aaria. The same month she also appeared on 'Outside With It' by Bizkitt, The music video was shot in The Bronx. On September 6, 2020 Rah Swish & DreamDoll released their single 'Watchu Like', the music video released on September 11, 2020. On November 13, 2020 G4 Boyz released 'Prada Remix' featuring DreamDoll & G4Choppa an accompanying music video was also released.

DreamDoll was later featured on Yung Pooda's 'Chicken N Grits' following a music video. She also discussed how she overcomes her writers block. On December 17, 2020 DreamDoll & LightSkinKeisha were featured on Saucy Santana's 'It's a Vibe', which also released with an accompanying music video.

On January 29, 2021 N.O.R.E released 'Goin Up' featuring DJ Khaled & DreamDoll, the music video was released the same day. On January 31, 2021 DreamDoll released 'Different Freestyle' with an accompanying music video. The song was a hit and was deemed as her most successful solo release at the time. On April 9, 2021 DreamDoll appeared on CJ's 'Lil Freak'. The song was released with an accompanying music video and was a hit record for both artists. On April 12, 2021 DreamDoll released her 'Whoopty Remix'. On April 18, DreamDoll released her 'Collection Freestyle' with a music video. A few days later on April 24, she appeared on Shaybo's 'Broke Boyz' it was released with a music video. On May 28, 2020 she featured on Erica Banks 'Toot That Remix'. A music video for the song was also released.

On June 11, 2021 DreamDoll released her single 'Tryouts'. In the song she name drops a long list of female celebrities which she would like to 'tryout'. A music video was later released.

On July 10, Asian Doll released 'Nunnadet Shit Remix' featuring DreamDoll, Rubi Rose, Dreezy & Ivorian Doll.

Warner Records (2021-present)

On August 11, 2021 it was officially announced that DreamDoll had signed a record deal with Warner Records. She also signed with WME Agency. On August 24, 2021 DreamDoll performed on the Main Stage at Hot 97 Summer Jam. On September 10, 2021 Dread Zoe released 'Baddie' featuring DreamDoll, an accompanying music video was also released.

On November 24, 2021, DreamDoll released her debut single under Warner Records titled 'You Know My Body' featuring Capella Grey. The song samples 'Can't Let Go' by Fabolous. She later released an accompanying music video for the song. On November 19, 2021 DreamDoll's song 'Chacin' was released on the soundtrack for Halle Berry's Netflix movie Bruised. The soundtrack was created by Halle Berry & Cardi B. On October 29, 2021 DreamDoll performed at Rolling Loud, New York. On December 9, 2021 she featured on Rick Ross' song 'Wiggle', the song released with an accompanying music video. On December 17, 2021 DreamDoll released 'Oh Shhh'. The song was used as the theme song for the final season of Claws TNT and was released with an accompanying music video.

On February 4, 2022 DreamDoll appeared on Kendy X's 'For Me Remix' alongside Kalan.frfr, a music video was also released. On February 25, she was featured on Loui's 'Get In Get Out', the music video was released on the same day. On March 8, 2022 DreamDoll made her second appearance on MTV's Wild 'n Out as a team captain. On April 22, 2022 DreamDoll released 'Ice Cream Dream' featuring French Montana, a music video was also released. On May 6, 2022 DreamDoll began touring with Fivio Foreign the tour consisted of 19 shows and ended on June 6, 2022. On May 13, 2022 DreamDoll was featured on King Combs 'Gas You Up'. On June 27, 2022 DreamDoll joined the cast of College Hill: Celebrity Edition Season 1. She later performed at Rolling Loud Miami.

On September 22, 2022 DreamDoll released the third and final instalment of her Life In Plastic series, 'Life In Plastic:3'. The 8 track mixtape featured 5 new songs and 3 pre released singles. The same day, she released the official music video for 'Misunderstood'. This included her single 'Fantasy' featuring Kash Doll, and a music video was set to be shot but they never began filming for unknown reasons. It was rumored that Bia (rapper) was to feature in the 'Fantasy'. On September 27, 2022 she performed at Rolling Loud, New York. In October, 2022 BET Plus released a new reality TV series 'The Impact: Atlanta', DreamDoll made a few guest appearances.

On February 24, 2023 Russ Millions released 'Habibti' featuring DreamDoll & French Montana. On April 20, 2023 DreamDoll played the role of 'Meena' in the MTV stoner movie 'Pretty Stoned'.



  • Life in Plastic (2017)
  • Life in Plastic 2 (2018)
  • Life in Plastic 3 (2022)


  • Everything Nice (2017)
  • Pull Up (WYA) (2018)
  • Bundles (2018)
  • Who You Loving (feat. G-Eazy & Rahky) (2020)
  • Ah Ah Ah (feat. Fivio Foreign) (2020)
  • Tryouts (2021)
  • You Know My Body (feat. Capella Grey) (2021)
  • Chacin (2021)
  • Oh Shhh (2021)
  • Ice Cream Dream (feat. French Montana) (2022)


• Lil Uzi Vert - How To Talk Feat. DreamDoll (2017)

  • Young Dolla - Party Feat. DreamDoll & Golde (2017)
  • Phresher - 100k Feat. DreamDoll & Jay Critch (2018)
  • Panic Boyz - Throw It In The Air (Oh Shit) Feat. DreamDoll, Brittney Taylor & Just Brittany (2018)
  • RockstarBreez - Swagg Feat. DreamDoll (2018)
  • Macho Duzz - Flex Feat. DreamDoll (2018)
  • Trace Cyrus - Summer Feat. DreamDoll (2018)
  • LouGotCash - Love Her Again Feat. DreamDoll (2018)
  • SiAngie Twins - Splash Feat. DreamDoll (2018)
  • Winter Blanco - What You Want Feat. DreamDoll (2018)
  • Vado - Talk To Me Feat. DreamDoll (2019)
  • J.Diamondz - Doll House Feat. DreamDoll (2019)
  • M-Flair - Spend It Feat. DreamDoll (2019)
  • Hitmaka - Thot Box Remix Feat. DreamDoll, Young MA, Dreezy, Latto & Chinese Kitty (2019)
  • Fredo Bang - Poppin Feat. DreamDoll (2019)
  • Bandhunta Izzy - Vibes Feat. DreamDoll (2020)
  • DJ Drewski - Water Feat. DreamDoll, Rubi Rose & Molly Brazy (2020)
  • ItsBizKit - Outside Wit It Feat. DreamDoll & Jadakiss (2020)
  • Aaria - Thug Love Feat. DreamDoll (2020)
  • Rah Swish & DreamDoll - Watchu Like (2020)
  • G4 Boyz - Prada (Remix) Feat. DreamDoll & G4Choppa (2020)
  • Yung Pooda - Chicken N Grits Feat. DreamDoll (2020)
  • Saucy Santana - It's a Vibe Feat. DreamDoll & LightSkinKeisha (2020)
  • N.O.R.E - Goin Up Feat. DreamDoll & DJ Khaled (2021)
  • CJ - Lil Freak Feat. DreamDoll (2021)
  • Shaybo - Broke Boyz Feat. DreamDoll (2021)
  • Erica Banks - Toot That (Remix) Feat. DreamDoll & BeatKing (2021)
  • Amiyelle - Summertime Valentine Feat. DreamDoll (2021)
  • Dread Zoe - Baddie Feat. DreamDoll (2021)
  • Asian Doll - Nunnadet Shit (Remix) Feat. DreamDoll, Rubi Rose, Dreezy & Ivorian Doll (2021)
  • Rick Ross - Wiggle Feat. DreamDoll (2021)
  • Kendy X - For Me (Remix) Feat. DreamDoll & Kalan.frfr (2022)
  • Loui - Get In Get Out Feat. DreamDoll (2022)
  • King Combs - Gas You Up Feat. DreamDoll (2022)
  • Kash Doll, Rubi Rose & DreamDoll - Abow Feat. ShantiiP (2022)
  • Don Q - Shake Sum Feat. DreamDoll (2022)
  • Russ Millions - Habibti Feat. DreamDoll & French Montana (2023)



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