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2023 Lithuanian Football Cup

2023 Lithuanian Football Cup

The 2023 Lithuanian Football Cup, for sponsorship reasons also called Lithuanian: Hegelmann LFF Taurė was a single elimination football tournament in Lithuania. The winners qualified for the 2024–25 UEFA Conference League second qualifying round on a sporting merit (subject to receiving an UEFA licence).

TransINVEST won the cup on 1 October 2023 with a 2–1 win over Šiauliai.

Draw and match calendar

Having had participants numbers limited to the first three tiers for the last two years, this year's tournament was open to clubs from any division. As before, the "B" teams do not participate in the cup competition. The A lyga teams entered the tournament from the second round this year. A total number of participants this year was 48: 10 A lyga clubs, 11 LFF I lyga clubs, 10 LFF II lyga clubs, 13 LFF III lyga clubs and 4 SFL clubs.

Round I

The following teams received byes:

  • I lyga: TransINVEST
  • III lyga: AFK, Ataka, Navigatoriai, and Vova
  • SFL C: Trivartis

Round of 32

Round of 16




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