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Cabinet of Hun Manet

Cabinet of Hun Manet

The seventh Council of Ministers was formed on 22 August 2023. It is led by prime minister Hun Manet, making it the first government in 38 years to not be led by Hun Sen following his resignation. In addition, veteran politicians including Sar Kheng, Tea Banh and Men Sam An also relinquished their positions.


Forced Eviction

In a study by human rights organization Amnesty International, there had been a violation of international law. Where families are being relocated fifteen miles (25 km) to a new neighborhood. Authorities in Cambodia assert that squatters are causing environmental harm by establishing unofficial colonies.According to a government spokesman, that was "not right" and the relocations were done voluntarily, 10,000 families were relocated, according to government spokeswoman Pen Bona, in compliance with Unesco's restrictions prohibiting buildings and habitation on the property. However, Unesco, on the other hand, stated that it "never requested, nor supported, nor was a party to this programme" and that, in reaction to the report, it has asked the authorities to implement "corrective measures". In a statement, a UN body said, "Unesco is deeply concerned about the population relocation programme in Angkor,".According to Amnesty International, the Apsara National Authority, the organization in charge of overseeing the temple complex, is using Unesco as justification for the relocations. Residents told the AFP news agency that they were warned directly by Cambodian authorities that "Unesco wants you to leave" or else the property's designation as a world historic site would be jeopardized. Based on court summonses seen by AFP, Apsara has sued at least seven people who reside near Angkor Wat for allegedly instigating and blocking public work."Unless there is serious pushback from Unesco, conservation efforts may increasingly be weaponised by states to their own ends, at the expense of human rights," said Montse Ferrer of Amnesty International.

Arrest of Critics

A man who had publicly criticised the CPP on Facebook for not being able to stop drug usage and illegal immigration from Vietnam was sentenced to three years in prison, was found guilty of inciting dissidence, slander, and insulting the king. Kang Saran was detained by Banteay Meanchey officials for ten days after his detention in a matter of hours. On July 11, he was granted bail and freed.




Text submitted to CC-BY-SA license. Source: Cabinet of Hun Manet by Wikipedia (Historical)