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Miserable Life

Miserable Life

Miserable Life (Spanish: Terca vida) is a 2000 Spanish comedy-drama film directed by Fernando Huertas which stars Santiago Ramos and Luisa Martín alongside Manuel Alexandre, Juan Jesús Valverde, Jorge Bosch, and Lola Dueñas.


Set in a working-class area of Madrid, around Hortaleza, the pot follows a group of people trying to get through their difficult lives by playing quinielas (football pools), with their fate pending on the result of a FC Barcelona-Villarreal CF fixture.



The film was produced by Karma Producciones Multimedia, PHF Films, and Vía Interactiva. Shooting locations included Madrid. It boasted a 135 million ₧ budget.


The film premiered at the 26th Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival on 13 November 2000. Distributed by Tri Pictures, it was released theatrically in Spain on 17 November 2000.


Jonathan Holland of Variety deemed the film to be "a diverting neo-realist excursion into Impossible Dream territory", otherwise featuring "moments of charm and an attractive central idea" but also a "lack of glam".

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