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1020s in Norway

1020s in Norway

Events from the 1020s in Norway.


  • Monarch – Olaf II then Cnut the Great


  • 1024
    • After gaining control over Norway in 1016, Olaf II Haraldsson constructed a religious code which established the Church of Norway. It is considered to represent Norway's first national legislation
  • 1027
    • Battle of Boknafjorden.
    • The king Olaf II had the local powerful chieftain Erling Skjalgsson killed after the Battle of Boknafjorden. After this, he lost his support, fled from the country to Russia the following year, and when he returned he was defeated in the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030.
  • 1028
    • The king, Olaf II, fled from Norway to Russia, and Cnut the Great claimed reign of Norway.


  • 1024
    • 8 June – Magnus I of Norway, king of Norway and Denmark and son of Olaf II (d. 1047).


  • 1027
    • 21 December – Erling Skjalgsson, local chieftain, killed after a naval battle at Bokn (b. 975).


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