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Hollywood usually refers to:

  • Hollywood, Los Angeles, a neighborhood in California
  • Hollywood, a metonym for the cinema of the United States

Hollywood may also refer to:


United States

  • Hollywood District (disambiguation)
  • Hollywood, Alabama, a town in Jackson County
  • Hollywood, Homewood, Alabama and Hollywood Historic District, a former town and a historic district
  • Hollywood, Florida, a coastal city in Broward County
  • Hollywood, Georgia, an unincorporated community in Habersham County, Georgia
  • Hollywood, Maryland
  • Hollywood, Minnesota
  • Hollywood Township, Carver County, Minnesota
  • Hollywood, Mississippi
  • Hollywood (Benoit, Mississippi),
  • Hollywood, Missouri
  • Hollywood, New Mexico, a neighborhood of Ruidoso, Lincoln County, New Mexico
  • Hollywood, Portland, Oregon, a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon
  • Hollywood, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
  • Hollywood, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  • Hollywood, South Carolina
  • Hollywood, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Hollywood, Appomattox County, Virginia
  • Hollywood, Pittsylvania County, Virginia
  • Hollywood Cemetery (Richmond, Virginia)
  • Hollywood, Monroe County, West Virginia
  • Hollywood, Raleigh County, West Virginia
  • Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
  • Florida State Road 820, Hollywood, Florida, also known as Hollywood Boulevard

Train stations

  • Hollywood station (Florida), a historic train station
  • Hollywood station (Illinois), one of three stations on Metra's BNSF Railway Line in Brookfield, Illinois


  • Hollywood, County Wicklow, Ireland
  • Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland
  • Hollywood, Worcestershire, England
  • Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

Science and technology

  • Hollywood (database), an RNA splicing database
  • Hollywood (graphics chip)
  • Hollywood (programming language), a multimedia-oriented programming language
  • Hollywood (tree) (Auranticarpa rhombifolia), an Australian tree

Arts and entertainment

Fictional characters and toys

  • Hollywood, a character in the series 2 Stupid Dogs
  • Hollywood, a mail-offer Flutter Pony from the original My Little Pony toyline
  • Hollywood Montrose, a character in the 1987 film Mannequin
  • Rick "Hollywood" Neven, a fighter pilot in the 1986 film Top Gun

Film and television

  • Hollywood (1923 film) (1923), a silent comedy film by Louis Lumière.
  • Hollywood (British TV series) (1980), a British documentary television series about the silent era
  • Hollywood (2002 film), a Kannada film starring Upendra as a robot
  • "Hollywood" (Law & Order: LA) (2010), an episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles
  • Hollywood (miniseries) (2020), an American television miniseries from Netflix
  • Hollywood (Russian TV channel), a Russian television channel replacing AMC in the region.


  • Hollywood, a 1990s female UK/Swedish electro pop duo, part of the Romo movement
  • Hollywood Records, an American record label part of the Disney Music Group


  • Hollywood (Circle album) (2008)
  • Hollywood (Flavor Flav album) (2006)
  • Hollywood (Little Birdy album) (2006)
  • Hollywood (Jamie Foxx album) (2015)
  • Hollywood (Johnny Hallyday album) (1979)
  • Hollywood (The Puppini Sisters album) (2011)
  • Hollywood (Tercer Cielo album) (2008)
  • Hollywood (EP), an EP by Angus & Julia Stone
  • Hollywood, album by Nana Mouskouri
  • Hollywood, a 1977 album in the Véronique Sanson discography


  • "Hollywood" (The Cranberries song)
  • "Hollywood" (Gorillaz song)
  • "Hollywood" (Jay-Z song)
  • "Hollywood" (Kasey Chambers song)
  • "Hollywood" (Madonna song)
  • "Hollywood" (Marina and the Diamonds song)
  • "Hollywood" (Michael Bublé song)
  • "Hollywood" (Car Seat Headrest song)
  • "Hollywood (Africa)", a 1985 song by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • "Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)", a 1981 song by Thin Lizzy
  • "Hollywood/I Am the Resurrection", a double A-side single by Codeine Velvet Club (2009)
  • "Hollywood", by After Midnight Project from Let's Build Something to Break (2009)
  • "Hollywood", by Alabama from Feels So Right (1981)
  • "Hollywood", by America from Holiday (1974)
  • "Hollywood", by Bilal from the unreleased album Love for Sale
  • "Hollywood", by Boz Scaggs from Down Two Then Left (1977)
  • "Hollywood", by Collective Soul from Afterwords (2007)
  • "Hollywood", by Daniel Powter from Daniel Powter (2005)
  • "Hollywood", by Dog's Eye View from Daisy (1997)
  • "Hollywood", by Jonas Brothers from the album Jonas Brothers (2006)
  • "Hollywood", by Labelle from Pressure Cookin' (1973)
  • "Hollywood" and "Hollywood's Dead", unreleased songs by Lana Del Rey
  • "Hollywood", by Lewis Capaldi from Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent (2019)
  • "Hollywood", by Nickelback from Silver Side Up (2001)
  • "Hollywood", an unreleased song recorded by Pink Floyd
  • "Hollywood", by P.O.D. from The Fundamental Elements of Southtown (1999)
  • "Hollywood", by Rick James from Come Get It! (1978)
  • "Hollywood", by Rufus and Chaka Khan from Ask Rufus (1977)
  • "Hollywood", by The Runaways from Queens of Noise (1977)
  • "Hollywood", by Shooting Star from Hang On for Your Life (1981)
  • "Hollywood", by Silverchair on "Without You" (2002)
  • "Hollywood", by from Future Girls (2000)
  • "Hollywood", by Streetheart
  • "Hollywood", by Suzi Quatro from Suzi ... and Other Four Letter Words (1979)
  • "Hollywood", by The Veronicas on "Untouched" (2007)
  • "Hollywood", by Waterloo & Robinson (1974)


  • Hollywood (Bukowski novel), a 1989 novel by Charles Bukowski
  • Hollywood (Vidal novel), a 1990 novel by Gore Vidal

Other arts

  • Hollywood (video game), a 1995 creative writing computer game
  • Hollywood, a magazine that merged with Motion Picture Magazine

Brands and businesses

  • Hollywood (cigarette), a Brazilian brand of cigarettes
  •, an American entertainment news website
  • Hollywood Candy Company or Hollywood Brands, a defunct American confectionery company
  • Hollywood Chewing Gum, a French chewing gum brand
  • Hollywood Video, a former DVD and video game rental shop chain



  • Edwin L. Hollywood (1892–1958), American film director
  • Gary Hollywood (born 1979), Scottish actor
  • Jesse James Hollywood (born 1980), American convicted murderer
  • Matt Hollywood (born 1973), American indie rock musician
  • Paul Hollywood (born 1966), English chef

Nickname, ring or stage name

  • Hollywood Bob Holly, a name used briefly by professional wrestler Bob Holly (born 1963)
  • Hollywood Fats, American blues guitarist Michael Leonard Mann (1954–1986)
  • Hollywood Hogan or Hulk Hogan, ring names of American professional wrestler Terry Gene Bollea (born 1953)
  • Hollywood Zakoshisyoh, Japanese comedian Shigeki Nakazawa (born 1974)
  • Hollywood (wrestler) (born 1969), American professional wrestler
  • Scott Scurlock (1955–1996), American bank robber nicknamed the "Hollywood Bandit" or simply "Hollywood"
  • Thomas Henderson (American football) (born 1953), American former National Football League player
  • Tom Marechek (born 1968), Canadian former lacrosse player

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