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Malicious (1973 film)

Malicious (1973 film)

Malicious (Italian: Malizia, lit. 'Malice') is a 1973 Italian erotic comedy-drama film co-written and directed by Salvatore Samperi. It stars Laura Antonelli, Turi Ferro and Alessandro Momo. The film is about the sexual desire of a widower and his three sons for their new housekeeper. At the Silver Ribbons awards, Antonelli and Ferro won Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor, respectively. The film was entered into the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival. A sequel, Malizia 2000, was released in 1991 with the same cast.


Following the death of his wife, a father of three sons (aged 18, 14 and 6) hires an attractive young housekeeper named Angela, and soon becomes engaged to her. His sons are also infatuated with Angela, and each of them uses their particular way to approach and capture the apparently innocent and naive young woman, and to see more of her body. But only one of them succeeds in dominating and conquering her: the middle son, the teenager Nino. He blackmails her into eventually tolerating his increasingly aggressive sexual desire. He ordered her to get naked as he chases her around the house.



  • Laura Antonelli as Angela
  • Turi Ferro as Ignazio
  • Alessandro Momo as Nino
  • Tina Aumont as Luciana
  • Lilla Brignone as Granma
  • Pino Caruso as Don Cirillo
  • Angela Luce as Widow Corallo
  • Stefano Amato as Porcello
  • Gianluigi Chirizzi as Nuccio
  • Grazia Di Marzà as Adelina
  • Massimiliano Filoni as Enzio


The film was the most popular Italian film in Italy in 1973 with 11,756,327 admissions, the 11th most of all-time.


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