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Blackheath may refer to:



  • Blackheath, London, England
    • Blackheath railway station
    • Hundred of Blackheath, Kent, an ancient hundred in the north west of the county of Kent, England
  • Blackheath, Surrey, England
    • Hundred of Blackheath, Surrey
    • Blackheath SSSI, Surrey, a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • Blackheath, West Midlands, England

Other places

  • Blackheath, New South Wales, Australia
  • Black Heath, Virginia, USA, a late 18th and 19th century plantation and coal mine
  • Blackheath, Gauteng, in Johannesburg, South Africa


  • Blackheath College (disambiguation)
  • Blackheath High School, Blackheath Village in London, England
  • Blackheath Proprietary School, a former school in Greenwich, London, England

Other uses

  • Blackheath Rugby Club
  • Blackheath Common, Waverley, England
  • Blackheath Beds, a fossiliferous stratigraphic unit in England
  • Plantman, a comic book character also called Blackheath

Text submitted to CC-BY-SA license. Source: Blackheath by Wikipedia (Historical)